La Cave 脿 vin de Courchevel

Le Baricou: the unmissable meeting place for wine lovers

Le Baricou is the wine cellar of Courchevel. This establishment, known and recognized in the region, is run by a true wine enthusiast. Didier Abrial is a seasoned amateur of good beverages, having decided to bring back, within his wine cellar, the best bottles of French vineyards.

Le Baricou is currently one of the best places dedicated to wine lovers on Courchevel. If you are looking for a good bottle, various tastes, know the wines of the 4 corners of France, then this address will become, for you, a must.

Our wine cellar offers a wide variety of great wines, such as beverages that are found at Giscours, Latour, Margaux, Ausone, etc … Le Baricou is also open to more modest purses, thanks to its selection of fine wines , much more affordable and from small winemakers such as the castle Roc de Cambes, in C么tes-de-Bourg.

Even if you are not a connoisseur of good wines, we will guide you through the shelves of our wine cellar in Courchevel. Prepare to take your taste buds to the land of the country’s vineyards!

You want to see our premises? Discuss with us and discover the best wines of the French terroir? So come and visit us in the Rue des Verdons, Courchevel 1850. You are welcome!





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Your special adviser

Didier Abrial鈥檚 wine shop in the heart of Courchevel will delight fans of extraordinary wine鈥 This former ski instructor swapped his skis for a wine seller鈥檚 apron and continues to unearth rare gems, which he stores meticulously at Le Baricou.

Representing 130 wine growers and carrying 1,300 wines, Le Baricou has become a resort essential by doing what it does best, something you can鈥檛 get anywhere else鈥 鈥To establish this selection, I built relationships with winegrowers. Sometimes it took a while鈥 had to wait 10 years for some of them because they only produce a tiny amount and everybody is after it! Some of my bottles are the only ones in the world, or one of just three or four in existence鈥 Obviously, we have the right clientele for that kind of product here, but I also have some very accessible little gems. Whether you want to spend 15 for 15,000 euros, there鈥檚 a wine to suit everyone!鈥

At Le Baricou, you can travel to the 4 corners of France, including, of course, the Savoie region. 鈥I have around fifteen Savoyard wines to discover here.

Including wines from the domaine des Ardoisi猫res de Cevins, the domaine Trosset鈥β燭hese local specialities have grown in quality, offering a great deal of expression of their terroir, good vinification, perfect maturity鈥︹

Between seasons, he takes advantage of the opportunity to make new discoveries and meet people. 鈥淭he most prestigious wineries are always mind-blowing. For example, I met 82-year-old Lalou Bize-Leroy, who is a huge name in the industry. She was one of the first to make biodynamic wine and who fought against the use of phytosanitary products. Lalou represented a major part of the Roman茅e-Conti area鈥 When you dine with her, when you taste her wines, it鈥檚 just awe-inspiring鈥︹


Courchevel Wine Cellar

L鈥橢xpress (2010) 鈥 Pointu, Didier Abrial

芦 A cellar welcoming and very high perched, both by the altitude as the quality of its exceptional selection. In the heart of Courchevel, Didier Abrial could be content to play the sellers of ultra-prestigious labels. Most of the mythical names of the French vineyard are present in its cellar, but it displays especially a very sharp “catalog” of wines of very great vine growers. His cute sin? Burgundy, in red as in white, with producers like Roulot, Rousseau, Mugnier, Esmonin … The rest? Bordeaux first class, superb wines from the Rhone, Languedoc and elsewhere, the Saumur-Champigny Brothers Foucault, the Savoy red Trosset area … In short, Baricou tutoie the best, not to mention the bubbles from Selosse, and a range of interesting spirits.聽禄

L鈥橢xpress (2006) 鈥 Les flacons haut perch茅s du Baricou

芦 Very rare specimen at altitude, this cellar seduced by its offer Finding a real wine merchant in the resort is already a feat, so a good, it’s a miracle! This is surely one of the highest wineries in France, which, beyond the anecdote of altitude, draws its merits, its relevance. Posted in the heart of Courchevel 1850, Didier Abrial, former ski instructor, has the good idea to “up” to him a few treasures of bottles from the four corners of the French vineyard. And, much better than a simple collector of labels, this truculent Savoyard is a connoisseur, able to align many prestigious cuv茅es (chic client oblige!) And quick to “take out” some discoveries behind the vines. His favorite? Burgundy in general, with a collection of bottles of superb bastions like the Vincent Dancer estate, the Leroy estate, the Dugat-Py estate or the Roman茅e-Conti estate. In the Bordelais, he “taps” in the top of the basket with many very great wines signed Yquem, Ausone, Margaux, Latour, Giscours, but also more “small” as the excellent castle Roc de Cambes, in C么tes-de -Town. Add to this excellent tips on the other vineyards, the Beaujolais from Lapierre, the roasted ribs of Jean-Michel G茅rin, the Ch芒teauneuf-du-Pape of Beaucastel, the faug猫res from Alquier, the Alsace wines of the estate Weinbach, Didier Dagueneau’s “pouilly-smoked”, Philippe Alliet’s chinon, not to mention his selection of “bubbles”, and you’ll guess all the benefits of a detour through this high-pitched cellar. 禄